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Hydropnics and Aeroponics FAQ

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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is commonly referred to as “the cultivation of plants in water.” However, studies show that various media can support the growth of the plant. The definition was broadened to “the cultivation of plants without soil.”

What is aeroponics?

Aeroponics is classified as a hydroponic method where roots of the plants are continuously or discontinuously place in an environment soaked with fine drops such as a mist or aerosol of nutrient solution.

What are the advantages of hydroponics?

The most apparent advantage of hydroponics is its manageability to control the plant-growing environment. Other benefits of hydroponics are:

  • Restricted supply of enough water only
  • Avoid high labor cost than traditional cultivation method
  • No need for high cost of soil fertilizer
  • Certainty of plant production

Are there different kinds of hydroponics?

Actually, there are many different types of hydroponics. The major divisions are either media-based or water culture.

Under media-based hydroponics are the following:

  • Flood and drain
  • Drip system
  • Wick Feeding

On the other hand, water culture hydroponics involve:

  • Raft Cultivation
  • Nutrient film technique

Still, other techniques fall under the water-culture category.

How much time does a hydroponic garden require?

Starting a hydroponic garden requires time, commitment and dedication. It needs plenty of time if you want to make sure that the plants are in good condition at all times. It will also take you longer to mix the nutrient solutions. From time to time, it is necessary that you check on the pests or diseases that will attack your plant.

The time element also depends on the kind of hydroponic garden you plant as well as how big and complex it is. The time element also depends on the type of plants you want to grow.

Can I grow hydroponic plants indoors?

Definitely, growing hydroponic plants can also be done in your indoor garden. You just need to maintain a temperature that ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There must be a sufficient supply of water as well. You'll need to maintain the nutrient solution that you will apply everyday.

What should I use for a light source?

Light is also one of the requirements for plant growth in a hydroponics system. Most of the cultivated plants need sunlight. However, when you grow plants indoor, artificial light such as bulb light is necessary. The intensity of the light that you are going to use must be high but make sure that it does not significantly raise the temperature.

Do hydroponic plants grow faster than the plants in soil?

It will depend on how you manage the techniques that you are going to use in hydroponics. If the methods are followed properly, the growth of hydroponic plants will be faster than those planted in soil and the duration could even be longer. It will also vary with the kinds of plants. There are plants that grow faster with hydroponics but there are also those that do not.

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