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Hobbies and Everyday Chores Can Become Exercise Sessions

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There are hobbies and household chores that involve physical activity. With a little imagination, you can have fun doing them and convert them into real body workouts. Here are some examples:

All the gardening activities such as squatting, bending, stretching, trimming, and sweeping are good exercise if done regularly. If possible, try not to use the water hose for watering plants. Instead, fetch a pail of water from the water source to the plants, alternately using your right and left hand in carrying the pail.

Do a little favor for your neighbors. Sweep not only your yard, but also the portion of the street in front of your house as well. All that body swaying, bending, and carrying trash to the garbage can are good exercise.

Wash not only your car, but volunteer to wash other people’s cars as well. Again, don’t use the water hose but use a pail to get the water. The fetching of the water, the hard arm scrubs, and the stretching and bending are all good exercise. These build good relations too.

If you are a book lover and have piles of them in your home library, clean that room at least once a week. Bring out the books from the shelves and clean everything spotlessly. Place the books on the floor while you wipe the shelves. It would be better if you’re climbing up and down a ladder. After cleaning, replace the books. Now, imagine all that bending, going up and down, and carrying from the floor up to the shelves! This is good exercise that can be a mighty workout! Try alternating the cleaning of the library, the kitchen, and the basement, week after week.

Hop onto a bike, instead of into your car when you need to go to the grocery store for small orders, school, or even work. Forget about shortcuts. Biking can promote good cardiovascular health. Just make sure to ride safely always.

If your hobby is photography or filmmaking, take hikes as you look for things to film or take pictures of. Appreciating the beauty of nature can give you an inner sense of peace and hiking is good exercise too.

Do major clean-ups and rearrangements of your rooms often. Rearrange your living room, bedroom, and dining room. Rearrange the furniture. Don’t just drag them as you move them; lift them as much as possible. Choose manual tools for cleaning whenever possible.

Note: It is important for you to enjoy doing a household chore to take out the pressure and tension when using it as an exercise session. It is wearily doing a chore that makes it stressful.

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