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What are you passionate about? We didn’t ask if you are passionate. But what are you passionate about? What stirs your emotions? What is it you can’t stop talking about whenever someone asks: “What are you passionate about?” What’s the fire in your belly? What really turns you on? What do you love doing most?

What is it that you love doing so much that you forget time? You forget others. You are so focussed that you don’t hear anything. What is it that gets your creative juices going? What is it that you love more than anything else?

Graham is passionate about books. He loves them. He just loves books. They are all placed in their respective homes on the shelves. Each has a neighbour. He fondles them. Cares for them. Places book marks in them, never folds the corner of their page.

A bookshop is like a magnet to him. He will spend hours with his head tilted to one side as he scours the shelves for works that interest him. He loves books that have a different angle on coaching and developing people. He loves reading unusual biographies. He loves books where people have beaten the odds to survive. It doesn’t matter whether they are fiction or non fiction. They have to be about improving self.

At least that’s what it appears to the outsider. But, you see, books aren’t really his passion. It just looks like it. He loves books yes of course he does. But really the books are a vehicle. A method of giving him what he truly craves for…..

And that is learning. Graham has a passion for learning about the human spirit. How to get the most out of it. How to tap into it. How to push it to new heights. How to get to its potential. How to climb out of the feelings of mediocrity. How to, excel at what ever he does.

His Passion is for the human spirit.

Often, that which appears as a passion, at first, is just the vehicle for the real deep down passion that lights you up.

Florence Nightingale is known for her nursing in the Crimean War. And most people know that Nursing was her passion. But it wasn’t.

Believe it or not Florence Nightingale’s passion was……statistics. Yes good old fashioned Statistics. She was so good at it, in1858 she was the first female elected member of the Statistical Society of the UK and an honorary member of the American Statistical Association.

When you think about it you can see the connection. Because she was passionate about Statistics she was able to see and prove that disease was killing more troops than battle and then do something about it.

What about you? What is the deep down passion that lights your life up. What is it that you love doing and being beyond all else.

Michael Jordan’s passion is basketball. But most are unaware that his passion was such that he had written into his contract that he could play “pickup” games whenever he wanted. (For us non Americans this is playing with whoever is available on public sites) He just wanted to play basketball whenever he felt like it. There is no doubt that it was his passion that made him so brilliant, so extraordinary.

Go on….. you can tell yourself. There is no need to tell others. Just have a go and tell yourself.

What is that love that stirs you up - that love that others may not be interested in but is so important to you. What is it that makes you forget time? What is it that you love doing?

We all have it. We all have at least one thing that we are passionate about.

What’s yours?

The bottom line is; passion is motivating. Passion is more motivating that money.
Passion energises and transforms you. When you are passionate about something then you enter that ‘flow’ state where time stands still. You are so focussed. You are really in tune with yourself.

Go on try it.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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